Real People,
Properties, and Profits

Creating shared opportunities through integrity and value

Striker Investment Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage firm based in Clifton, NJ. We consult private and institutional investors through the entire purchase cycle, including analysis, underwriting, negotiating and financing.
Specializing in residential and mixed-use buildings, we also broker some triple net and office building properties. Our real estate experts also represent many development deals at various phases of execution.

Our Mission
Keeping it real
Striker is inspired by a sense of reality: we believe in real people, real relationships, and real opportunities to benefit all. That's why we focus on our specialties, keeping the firm boutique and the profits big.

Our Story
Sharing risk and reward
The same people are often both our client (seller) and customer (buyer), and we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. We appropriately market our properties to the best interests of the client, while assisting each side of the deal with integrity.

Our Edge
Striker Financial
With immediate access to both conventional and creative financing, our sister company Striker Financial helps our customers bring greater leverage to the negotiations table.
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Team Striker
Striker consultants collaborate at every stage of the process, carefully coordinating decisions with your best interests at heart. We never compete against each other and focus only on bringing you the most accurate information and most opportunistic deals.
Michelle is a mind-over-matter CEO, always leading from a position of strong experience. She loves organic food and readily trades the noise of the market for the calm of the ocean.
Sara has been Michelle’s foundation for many years, serving as operations manager since Striker’s early successes. She is dedicated to family, and has an unapologetic love affair with bling.
Phillip serves as sales manager and database administrator. He is one of America’s best imports (from Liverpool, England), and enjoys playing full court tennis with his wife and daughter.
Hadassah is Striker’s admin as well as Chang’s marketing assistant. She is used to wearing multiple hats, as she is a classically trained opera singer and flaunts a beautiful passion for makeup.
Tracy works with buyers to show properties and bring deals to closing. She proudly wears her handbag obsession and her finance degree from Susquehanna, and loves riding ATVs on her mom’s farm in PA.
Chang Mansur
Chang handles marketing and property valuations. In addition to his affinity for making numbers make cents, he loves to travel the globe and is deeply dedicated to his community church
Salesman-sleuth by day, anthropologist by night. Overt people enthusiast. Covert wordsmith and communicator par excellence. Construction, real estate development, acquisition and management know-how. Risk taker who paves his own way. The guy with a game plan.
Robert is a top salesman. He’s jonesing for a Tesla (for the environment, of course), and has just returned from his first trip to Europe. Michelle’s son, he is carving his own real estate accolades.
10+ years digging real estate and construction. Niche: multifamily & development deals. Master’s in Real Estate Development, University of Utah. Urban Land Institute (ULI), CoreNet, & International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) member. Jolly dad of 6(!) and soccer champion. Charming church youth group leader.

All rights Reserved. Striker 2016

All rights Reserved. Striker 2016